The Libyan Revolution One Year On: Carla’s Story

February 22, 2012

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Carla Khalifa and her husband Fouad Awsen Khalifa share their personal story from the Libyan Revolution with LYM’s very own Enas Eruk.  The following are two excerpts from their reflections on the revolution one year later.



My husband and I lived in Amsterdam Holland. My husband was a carpenter. On March 22, 2011, he left Amsterdam to Libya to join the freedom fighters in their fight for freedom. He stayed there until October 1st, 2011. He took part in the war in the battles of Musratah and Sirte. My husband had a bulletproof vest and a satellite phone before he left to Libya. He had to buy his own weapon, an AK47 (Kalashnikov) when he arrived in Libya. He received his battle training in Benghazi. After the battles in Musratah, he gained enough experience that he was training other freedom fighters who just joined the war to liberate their homeland from the tyrant.

During my husband’s stay in Libya, we tried to stay in touch but we weren’t always successful. We’d sometimes go for several days without talking to each other. During all that time while he was in Libya, I had a terrible time although I knew that he was fighting for a good cause but I was completely desperate. I was following the station from Mohammed Nabbous for inside information and TV channels such as Aljazeera, Sky News and BBC for other news. The wait for a telephone call from him was driving me crazy because sometimes I didn’t hear from him for a long time.

My husband and his other Libyan friends who live in Holland managed to send few ambulances and medicine to Libya. He almost was killed twice in Musratah. He lost some friends in the war against the tyrant. His last battle was the battle in Sirte where  was almost killed again.

Praise to Allah, he is home with me again and working at his old job as a carpenter. He used to have some trouble with his memories from the war but now he is doing well Masha’ Allah.

I still have some problems with depression and I have to take medication for it. I suffered every day during the 7 months worrying that he may get killed in the war. I was scared all the time for him. I lost about 6 kilos in weight. I am now much better masha’ Allah and praise to Allah that Gadaffi is gone!! I only hope that the people in Libya will be patient enough to build up a new Libya. Rebuilding Libya will take time and some won’t be patient enough. Insha’Allah all will be good and peace will be all over Libya.
-Carla Khalifa



In my opinion the February 17th Revolution was necessary because it was difficult for people to live in such miserable conditions that  the tyrant’s system imposed on the country from the oppression, poverty, favoritism and repression. It became unreasonable to remain silent on the debauch of the tyrant by the distortion of the Holy Qur’an and the attack on the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). I was very happy by the Revolution and my feelings still have not changed even for one day even after almost a year later. I tried to follow all the revolution’s news and tried very hard to be a part of it since the  very beginning. I went out with all Libyan men and women to the squares here in the Netherlands in the first demonstrations to demand the bringing down of the Qaddafi’s regime in the outside of Libya.

I wished I could be there at that moment to come out in martyrs Square, but there was some circumstances prevent me to go but today I have a feeling of joy because we have been liberated and we are on our way to the future.
What happened in Libya now makes me sometimes sad.  I’m not talking about armed conflicts here and there or on the problem of arms or chaos management.  These things are inevitable in these situations as a result of a war continuing for more than six months, and the result of lack of education and knowledge for an entire population of a country for four decades.  It will disappear with a little wisdom, patience and teamwork from all Libyans. What makes me feel sad and fearful is that some of people who try to climbing and access to positions they are not qualified to hold. I dreamed and wished that all who participated in the revolution would returned to their normal lives, especially after the passage of almost a year now ( such as who was owns a small shop to repair electronic devices, and many others).
What makes me sometimes think about the future of our country and our people, do we have to defeat the tyrant and his men to comes another one like them!!! I did not regret my participation in this revolution, but still have of fear and grief.
I went there for the victory of God and my brothers. I entered battles in Musratah and suffered in training in Benghazi just to uphold the word of God and then to have the victory, I do not want anything from that just wished I others were on the same wavelength.
What I can say just that Qaddafi’s regime is still alive in some people’s mind and how he taught them to be power seekers and even if the position is not for them. We suffered from it and even after his death we still continue to suffer. God willing, the most important thing he left us without return.
-Fouad Awsen  Khalifa
Photos of Fouad Awsen Khalifa in Libya during the revolution:


  1. Carla, your husband is a hero. Leaving his life style for a war sounds amazing to me. What he did was a beautiful gesture. Completely unselfish. I wish you could replace your depression for pride. What your husband did had to be done and he did it. Its over. Don’t dwell on those memories. Think the happiness that millions of Libyans enjoy these days.

    Comment by TheThinker1958 — February 23, 2012 @ 17:14

  2. Best brother Fouad,
    I read ur story and indeed u have do a lot for our Libya.
    May God bless u . We are very proud of u.

    Comment by Kaussar — February 24, 2012 @ 18:17

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