NTC/TFM Press Release Saturday August 6, 2011

August 6, 2011

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The NTC through the Temporary Financial Mechanism (TFM) has secured over 14 million  Libyan Dinars for a Family Support Programme to be distributed directly to families throughout the Nafusa Mountains during the holy month of Ramadan as family support. This will ensure that families can purchase basic commodities and also help families returning to areas that are now safe.

“This money is going to help the families of the Nafusa Mountains” said director of the TFM, Mazin Ramadan. “Its the first step of our plan to kickstart the economy and bring back stability to the region.”

A team from the TFM and the NTC Treasury arrived in the Nafusa Mountains to put in place what will be the first of a series of programmes implemented by the TFM.

There have been no salaries or social security payments made to the Nafusa Mountain areas since January 2011. In addition many families have been internally and externally displaced around the Nafusa Mountains and the Libyan-Tunisian border.

Family booklets, which give a precise number of families in each area and lists dependants will be used to distribute money from the fund.


The areas covered by the TFM Family Social Fund Programme are:
1. Wazin
2. Nalut
3. Olad Mahmud
4. Hawamid
5. Mjabra
6. Kabou
7. Rhaibat
8. Jadu
9. Shakshouk
10. Rujban
11. Qasr Al Haj
12. Zintan
13. Al-Rabania Al-Sharqia
14. Qala’a
15. Yefren (Khalifiya, A’naima, Zirgan)
16. Kikla

For further information on the TFM or details on the Family Social Programme please contact the TFM media office:

Website: www.tfmlibya.org
Email: info@tfmlibya.org

Please see attached PDF of the Press Release: TFM Family Support Programme

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