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Dealing with Militias and Advancing Security Reform

Libyan Youth Forum founder, Abdul Rahman Al-Ageli presents a holistic approach to reform.

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Seeking Security: Public Opinion Survey in Libya
Developments in Benghazi: Revolution Phase II
National naïveté

By Septimus for Ruminations

We, the people, define Libya
The Western Garden

By Septimus for Ruminations

Book Review: Gaddafi’s Harem by Annick Cojean

The story of a young woman and the abuses of power in Libya.

By Sherif Dhaimish

Book Review: Journey of Hope by Dr. Omar Reda
Google Ideas: Liberating Libya

Abdulla Darrat & John Scott-Railton

Op/Ed: The Kidnapping of Abu Anas al-Libi: The Risk of Libyanizing al-Qaeda
Grassroots Save Cyrene Initiative Seeks to Protect Libya’s Historic Sites

Save Cyrene, a grassroots effort to save Libya’s historical sites.




Latest News

Beloved Libyan poet murdered in Benghazi

March 28, 2014


Asmaa Elourfi in Benghazi for Magharebia  In the early days of the Libyan revolution, poet Atef Al-Arafi gave inspirational readings in Benghazi. On Monday (March 24th), he died there in a hail of bullets. “Atef went to his car after (Continue Reading…)

A New Paradigm for Libya

March 14, 2014

'Liberated' Eastern Libya Adjusts To Life Without Gaddafi Rule

Abdul Rahman AlAgeli for Security Sector Reform Resource Centre Abdul Rahman AlAgeli is a  security file coordinator in the Office of the Libyan Prime Minister and Rapporteur of the Supreme Committee on Border Affairs. He is also a founder of (Continue Reading…)

Shoulder-launched anti-aircraft missiles flow abroad from Libya: U.N.

Reuters Shoulder-launched anti-aircraft missiles have been trafficked out of Libya to Chad, Mali, Tunisia, Lebanon and likely Central African Republic, with attempts made to send them to Syrian opposition groups, according to a U.N. report on Tuesday. An independent panel of experts monitoring (Continue Reading…)