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Seeking Security: Public Opinion Survey in Libya
Developments in Benghazi: Revolution Phase II
National naïveté

By Septimus for Ruminations

We, the people, define Libya
Dealing with Militias and Advancing Security Reform

Libyan Youth Forum founder, Abdul Rahman Al-Ageli presents a holistic approach to reform.

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The Western Garden

By Septimus for Ruminations

Book Review: Gaddafi’s Harem by Annick Cojean

The story of a young woman and the abuses of power in Libya.

By Sherif Dhaimish

Book Review: Journey of Hope by Dr. Omar Reda
Google Ideas: Liberating Libya

Abdulla Darrat & John Scott-Railton

Op/Ed: The Kidnapping of Abu Anas al-Libi: The Risk of Libyanizing al-Qaeda
Grassroots Save Cyrene Initiative Seeks to Protect Libya’s Historic Sites

Save Cyrene, a grassroots effort to save Libya’s historical sites.

British Headmaster Released Five Months After Abduction




Latest News

British headmaster released five months after abduction

October 9, 2014

David Bolam

By Sherif Dhaimish for the Libyan Youth Movement A British headmaster has been released after being kidnapped by Benghazi based forces in May. David Bolam was the principal of secondary students at the International School of Benghazi (ISB) before the (Continue Reading…)

Libya inaugurates newly elected parliament

August 4, 2014

AP TOBRUK, Libya — Three-quarters of Libya’s newly elected parliament held its first official session in the eastern city of Tobruk on Monday, even as militias continue to battle each other in the oil-rich North African nation’s largest cities. The 200-member (Continue Reading…)

Liberals set to oust Islamists in Libya parliament

July 21, 2014


AFP Liberal factions appear to be the big winners in Libya’s new parliament after the announcement of election results on Monday, analysts said. The electoral commission finally announced the results of the winners of individual seats in the June 25 (Continue Reading…)